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Pacific West Tiny Homes Return Policy

Pacific West Tiny Homes, Inc. does not offer returns, refunds, or exchanges of our products or services.  By purchasing any product or service from us you agree that:


  • Once you send back your signed contract, and receive the program materials, you agree to this no-refund policy.

  • If at any stage of your build, you decide you no longer wish to continue, but have already sent full payment, you may not re-sell the program to anyone. You may not sell your checklist, handbook, or certification labels without express written consent from Pacific West Tiny Homes, Inc.

  • Our Certification Program may be transferrable

           on a case-to-case basis, only after paid in full.

           Please contact Chuck Ballard at (503)-970-1474 for details.

  • You accept that any cancellation of a build is your responsibility, and Pacific West Tiny Homes, Inc. is not responsible for refunding any amount paid in part or in full, due to cancellation of project or change of mind.

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