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"Trailer Made is a full-service design, fabrication and engineering firm. Our team of trailer and tiny home builders specialize in tiny house trailer foundations, custom trailers, steel framing and erection."

Escape Skylight is an Emergency Egress Skylight that is fully compliant with NFPA 1192 and ANSI A119.5 Standards.
Strategic Insurance Agency
Strategic Insurance Agency has Insurance plans for Tiny Homes.
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Tiny House Expedition recently published adocumentary series called "Living Tiny Legally". Please give it a look!

  • What is a Certified Tiny Home on Wheels (THOW)?
    A tiny home on wheels is a structure mounted on a chassis intended for occupation. Certification insures that the structure is built to one of two applicable codes, in this case either the ANSI A119.5 (the code for Recreational Park Trailers) or NFPA 1192 (The code for Recreational Vehicles)
  • Why should my Tiny Home be Certified?
    Some insurance companies will not provide a policy to a structure, moving or otherwise, that is not built to a recognized code. Certification is a step towards both safety, and the ability to insure and finance this type of product. Some RV parks will not allow entrance of an uncertified Tiny Home On Wheels. The state of California requires every Tiny Home On Wheels (RV/RPT), to be certified by an accredited certifying body to ANSI and NFPA codes by law.
  • I want to start Manufacturing. Can you help me?
    Yes! Pacific West Tiny Homes, through Pacific West Associates, certifies builders to the same standards that RV and RPT manufacturers are held to. We will guide you through the process of creating a quiality assurance program and manual, certifying your facility to meet the approproate standard, and assist you with the required recurring inspections.
  • Can I make payments on my Certification Program?
    We are happy to work with our customers if need be! Please contact us at 816-716-6271 to discuss a payment plan that will work for both parties. We want as many people as possible to enjoy a safe Tiny Home.
  • Can I live in my Tiny Home full time?
    The answer at this time depends on the location. Different local jurisdictions have different regulations about what they allow. Certain localities will allow for temporary occupation of THOW's and some others have amended their regulations to allow for a more permanent occupation. Please check with your local jurisdiction on how long you can reside in your Tiny Home!
  • I'm not building my own Tiny Home. Can I buy one Pre-Certified?
    Yes! Please visit our Clients Page for certified Tiny Home builders nearest to you! (We will update this list as often as possible.)
  • How does your Certification Program work?
    The way our program works is through a gated checklist that ensures compliance to either the RV code (NFPA 1192) or Recreational Park Trailer code (ANSI A119.5) and their respective NEC sections. This checklist would be supplemented by pictures and/or videos of the build process that you would send to us at frequent stages in your builds, that we review as you make them available to us (usually through Dropbox.) As you reach each of the gates, we do a final evaluation of the appropriate section and pictures to provide feedback and spot any issues that may affect compliance. Once all sections are appropriately completed, we issue the required insignia and documentation certifying compliance.
  • Do I have to pay any annual fees to keep my Tiny Home up to code?
    Nope! Once you receive your Certification Insignia, your Tiny Home will be good to go! We are not an Industry Association, but an accredited certifying body, and will never ask for any membership or annual "club" fees to accompany your initial payment.
  • Can I still add my own Custom-Touch to my Tiny Home?
    Absolutely! Our main goal is safety, but we will do everything we can to make sure you get the Tiny Home of your dreams that is built to the required standards of your applicable code (RV or RPT).
  • I'm about to build my custom Tiny Home, will you share my design with anyone?"
    Absolutely not. We will not disclose any of your intellectual property, unless your local Authority Having Jurisdiction requires it, as per individual state laws.
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